HANA Micron offers high quality and cost effective solution to customers who are searching Wafer and Final test service. High skilled human resources and powerful services are ready.

HANA Micron offers competitive services that match changes in consumer needs.

Cost Effective Solution

HANA Micron offers maximized parallelism solution for each product to reduce test cost and Improve efficiency

Test Program Conversion

HANA Micron offers test program conversion for various platforms for Capabilities enlargement and cost effectiveness.

Non Stop Development Service

HANA Micron supports all kind of service from Test Load Board Design to Test Product.
HANA Micron can make development duration reduction.

Tester Rental Service

Customer can use with hanamicron’s high-ended Tester for easy development.
And also we supports remote debugging service.

/ TAMS (Test Auto loading Management System)
HANA Micron offers effective Test Program Auto loading system to increase reliability and productivity.

  • Test Process Control
  • / Flow and Management control

    / Connection with Basic Product
      Information of MES

    / Event management

    / Tester Operation Ratio

    / Prevent Human error
  • Job File & Test PGM management
  • / Test Program management

    / Total management

    / Version and history
      management (PCN,QCN)

    / Program and Yield relationship

    / non stop operation environment
  • Job File Auto Loading
  • / Prevent Miss-Operation
      with Bar Code system

    / Test Program Name Matching
      with each lot information

    / Test Program Auto Loading
/ QMS (Quality Management System)
HANA Micron manages all basic information for Test Process. Each product information and lot history can be matched with basic information.
  • Soft Bin & Test Result
  • / Soft Bin Auto Selection

    / Automatic Summary Report
      Real Test Time Measurement

    / customize to needs promptly
  • Probe/PCM Management
  • / Various Probe Wafer Map file

    / Real time Probing Status

    / Probe Card management

    / PCM Test Parameter analysis
  • Test Program Management
  • / Test Program Auto Loading with
      Bar Code

    / Test Program Revision systematic

    / minimize information insertion
      by operator

    / Interlocking and Alarm Function

    / Organic system with MES
  • Tester Efficiency
  • / Real time ATE status monitoring

    / Increase Tester Efficiency
      based on Precise Data

    / Actual Index Time monitoring
  • TEST Floor
  • *MES(Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Inkless Wafer Map
  • / Auto Converting and

    / Increase reliability of Map data

    / Map Data Sharing