• Design Center
Design Services
HANA Micron provides full design services and knowledge for customers in IC packaging area with key solutions for almost any packaging design need.
/ New Package Design and Co-Layout
/ Supply Chain Planning
/ Design For Manufacturability

HANA Micron’s design centers are located in South Korea
as main service Hub and USA as functionally customer
satisfaction for overseas customer.

New Package Design and Co-Layout
Full range of package designs are available in the following types :

/ Fine pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA)
/ Multi Chip Package (MCP)
/ Package On Package (POP)
/ System In Package (SIP)
/ Quad Flat No-leads (QFN)
/ Land Grid Array (LGA)
/ Flip Chip CSP (FCCSP)
/ Flip Chip BGA (FCBGA)

Other special services including :

/ High quality design service through optimized designinfrastructure in developed
/ Design applications
/ Offers quick turn design cycles within 48 hour artwork and 24 hour design
/ Documentation and engineering review
/ DFMEA analysis with manufacturing review for offerings

Supply Chain Planning
HANA Micron has focused on improving customer product from package design service state.
We provide high quality product including PCB and lead frame in supply chain program as following :
/ Supplier survey meeting every quarter
/ Supplier capability analysis & Optimization
/ Cost analysis by design & specification every quarter
/ Setup for prompt production process through process capability share every quarter
Design For Manufacturability
Design methodology intended to ease the manufacturing process of the following design tool sets :
/ Cadence APD for FBGA, SIP, Flip Chip
/ Sigrity UPD for FBGA
/ CAM350 for DRC, manufacturability
/ AutoCAD for all documentations(Unit, Strip, BD, POD)