• Simulation
Simulation software Test equipment
Electrical characterization ANSYS Q3D Extractor V10.0 Tektronix TDR,
Agilent Precision Network Analyzer
& Cascade Microtech,
Analytical Probe Station
ANSYS_Turbo Package Analyzer V6.0
ANSYS_SIwave V5.0
ANSYS_Ansoft Links
for Cadence APD V4.2
Mechanical characterization SASSAULT_Abaqus Start Pack 4 Akrometrix TherMoire AXP
Thermal characterization Mentor Graphics_FloTHERM PACK Wind Tunnel system
Electrical Simulation
  • Electrical simulation is required to determine the design feasibility of a package including the following electrical characteristics based on high frequency and design rule.

    / Lumped RLC Extraction
    / SYZ Parameter Extraction
    / Power & Signal Integrity
    / IR Drop, Voltage Distribution, & Current Density
    / Crosstalk

    HANA Micron can provide the above mentioned electrical characteristics through electrical simulation.

Mechanical Simulation
  • Mechanical simulation is required to predict an effect of packages from external environment.Especially, it is important to analyze package warpage.Warpage is caused by the CTE mismatch of various materials within a package.

    This can cause any problem of package reliability such as short and non-wet.

    HANA Micron can provide package warpage prediction for the various type of packages through simulation analysis.

    HANA Micron can also provide another solution of problems caused by mechanical stress within a package.

Thermal Simulation
  • Thermal simulation is required to predict an effect of packages from thermodynamics and heat transfer./ ThermodynamicsThe form of energy that can be transferred from one system to another as a result of temperature difference.The focus of start and last equilibrium state.

    / Heat transfer

    Thermo dynamics concept + Change of time.Heat flows in the direction of decreasing temperature.

    HANA Micron can provide thermal characteristics of various type of packages through thermal simulation.