Definition & Procedure
  • If function of product does not working or does working. but does meet level of requirement, find root-cause of failure in manufacturing process or using of product.

    / Find the presence or absence of failure

    / Find the Root-cause

    / Establish corrective action

Equipment Utilization
Low Scope, High Scope Visual analysis(external Inspection) : 62x Magnification
Measuring Micro Scope Microscopic X-Y-Z dimension : 1000x Magnification
X-Ray Non-destructive Internal PKG Characterization
Wire configuration / Epoxy Void / Mold Void
3D CT X-Ray 2D X-ray images, 3D sample analysis, virtual micro-sectioning and
internal dimensional measurements, crack, void
(Scanning Acoustic Tomography)
Non-destructive internal PKG characterization de-lamination /
Package Crack / Die Crack : TR 15MHz~110MHz
(Scanning Electron Microscope)
To 30Kx magnification visual analysis : Max 1,000Kx
(Energy Dispersive X-ray)
Surface quantitative & qualitative analysis
(Cross Sectioning Station)
Destructive Package Cross Sectioning
Analysis Station
(Chemical De-capsulation)
Internal visual inspection of molded package
Warpage measuring instrument 
(Shadow Moire)
Measures warpage variation for each temperature
(Time Domain Reflectometry) 
Electronic instrument used to characterize and locate faults in metallic cables, connector, printed circuit board, or any other electrical path
DC & Function Tester All memory devices (DDR, Flash, etc)
Diagnosis of fail pin by DC/Function Test
Laser Decapsulation &
Wet-etch System
Optimized for copper wire PKG’s decapsulation, and Minimize wire damage compared with chemical decapsulation
Plasma Etching System Solves the problem of mechanical and chemical pretreatment. It proceeds to polish up to top of defect die mechanically and etch silicon die selectively.
(Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy)
Analyzes the composition of organic matter
(Polymer chemistry – rubbers, plastics, films, etc)
(Thermo Mechanical Analysis)
Measures dimensional changes of solids, liquids or semisolid materials using a function of temperature and time
(Differential Scanning Calorimeters)
Measures temperatures and heat flows associated
with thermal transitions in a material
Equipment Utilization
Parameter Analyzer/Probe Station The equipment can be used electrical characteristic failure analysis of Package or Decapsulated Package.
Hot Electron Analyzer Determine the exact location of failure location by detecting emission
(thermal electrons and photons)
Universal Testing Machine A universal testing machine is used to test the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials
Target Surfacing & Ion Milling System Ion Milling is a physical etching method whereby the ions of an inert gas are accelerated into the sample