• Flexible Package
HANAflex™ (Roadmap)

  • HANA Micron provides a flexible packaging solution, which takes advantage of electronics based ultra thin silicon wafer and this technology would be applied to wearable, flexible display, mobile and sensors.

    HANA Micron offers better reliability, simulation and robust process in the flexible packaging industry.

Creative leader in flexible package solutions

- Versatile flexible packaging platform for realizing the optimized bending radius.
- Face up/face down & SIP structure.
- Flexible structure design using neutral plane.
- Roll transfer technology on 200mm and 300mm wafer
- Ultra thin wafer handling technology under 30um.
- Hybrid flexible interconnection technology.
- Mechanical and electrical reliability including bending and fatigue environment.
- Mechanical & electrical simulation.

Innovative packaging technology
Innovative manufacturing process is used to realize ultra-thin flexible electronics for applications such as mobile and display. Several techniques have been developed to achieve this goal :

Roll transfer handling system, die flip chip bonded on the flexible substrate, stretchable adhesive film laminated on the SI wafer and flexible interconnection technology.

Flexible ultra thin microelectronics have many applications, including conformal and wearable electronics.
A key to achieving this is the development of techniques to thin Si die to thicknesses less than 50μm.
The techniques have been developed to integrate ultra-thin die onto or into flexible polymeric substrates such as LCP and polyimide.

Flexible package is becoming a trend in semiconductor industry.
HANA Micron are developing a flexible package solution to apply for flexible display, wearable, sensor and memory such as display drive IC, CMOS image sensor and storage product. In the near future, it is expected that HANA Micron will be able to provide a flexible package solution of SIP (System in package) type as well.

Simulation / Reliability and Modeling
It is important to understand and characterize the flexible structure before starting process development. We can simulate and analyze flexible structure to reduce crack of thinned wafer. So we can find out the optimized structure through analytical modeling such as bending and strength characterization.