• FOWLP is an answer to the demand for fanning out I/Os from a die area to increase package pitch or I/O count. E.g. increasing the I/O count for an area-constrained WLCSP.
HANAMICRON’s FOWLP provides flexible routing and footprint options for your BGA style package.
Single IC package

Characteristic of this package is one embedded component and conductor layers on only one side of the component.

Multi chip package

Two or more components are embedded in the EMC material and conductor layers on only one side of the components.

This gives you a number of important benefits
Design flexibility

HANA Micron’s FOWLP technology gives unparalleled design flexibility, since the component is located in the EMC instead of on top of the PCB. One of the greatest benefits of FOWLP technology is the improvement of routing capability. FOWLP design are simpler and fewer routing layers are usually needed and even the innermost layer can efficiently used for routing.

High applicability

Already proven in handheld consumer electronics and telecom applications, HANA Micron’s FOWLP technology is adaptable to almost any electronic product.

Variable component thickness acceptable

Unlike some other technologies, HANA Micron’s FOWLP technology enables, that component thickness within one module may be different. The molded wafer is built around components is not affected by varying component size.

Manufacturung Process Flow

1. Molded wafer

- Component reconstitution
- Wafer level mold

2. RDL/Bumping

- Re-passivation
- Redistribution
- Passivation
- Solder ball mount

3. Backend

- Marking
- Singulation